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Cornerstone Families is an organized community of Christian homeschooling families who meet together once a week to come alongside one another in our homeschool journey. We exist to supplement and enrich the homeschool efforts being done by parents in the home. Our focus is biblically faith-based, with Jesus at the center.

Cornerstone Families is not a school or academy, and we do not offer classes for credit. We meet on Tuesdays for two 12-week semesters during the school year. Our focus is high school academics, and families must have a student in 7th-12th grade in order to participate.

Cornerstone Families is open to traditionally homeschooled students, but not to those enrolled in online public school programs such as charter schools, e-schools, K-12, etc. The determining factor for eligibility to participate is ultimately homeschool notification with your school district. A parent must be present the entire time that the student is at Cornerstone; we are not a drop-off program. Parent volunteers are how we offer such excellent activities, and a parent from each family participates each week at Cornerstone Families just as much as the students do.

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