Frequently Asked Questions . . . . . . . .

 1.  When does my student eat lunch?
There is not a one “lunch hour” for everyone.  You will need to schedule your student’s classes with a break for lunch at some point – whatever works best.  This might be 11:00, noon, or 1:00.

2.  How much does it cost to attend co-op?
The cost varies.  Each family must pay a registration fee to the co-op for each semester.  Then, you pay each teacher individually per class.  Class and supply fees vary (see the “Classes” page). 

3.  Where are you located?
Cornerstone Co-op meets at the Pataskala Church of the Nazarene on Rt. 310 just north of Rt. 40.  See the map on the “Home” page.

4.  My students are enrolled in an online public school and we do school at home.  Can we participate in Cornerstone Co-op?
No, Cornerstone Co-op is not open to those enrolled in online public schools.  If you, the parents, are responsible for all aspects of schooling and you notify your superintendent of your homeschooling, then you are eligible to participate.  If you are enrolled in an online school, you are governed by the state and not eligible at Cornerstone.

5.  Do I, the parent, have to stay the entire day at co-op?
Cornerstone Co-op is dependent on volunteers to operate.  Also, parents are responsible for their children at all times during co-op, so you are required to be present at all times.  If there is some kind of emergency, you may assign a temporary guardian to be responsible for your child/children while you are away.  See the Temporary Guardian Form on the “Forms” page.  This is to be used for emergency situations only.