Other than classes, Cornerstone Co-op offers several other activities.  Some of these are co-op sponored events and some are not. 


At the end of each semester, we have a Showcase that highlights what the students have done during the semester.  The choir, music classes, sign language classes, theater class, and more perform.  Art classes display their work.  The Showcase is held in the evening so dads, grandparents, and other family can attend.  


Cornerstone Co-op publishes a Yearbook for each school year.  Students work on this throughout the year with a parent adviser.  The yearbook includes pictures of all students, teachers, activities, and programs during the school year.  The staff also sponsors fundraisers to offset the cost of the yearbooks.  Pizza, snacks, and drinks are available during lunch on co-op days, co-op T-shirts are sold around the holidays, and other fundraisers help lower the final cost of the yearbooks.


Seniors who have attended Cornerstone can participate in a graduation ceremony, usually  in May.  Again, parent volunteers organize this event with special music, programs, speaker, caps and gowns.